FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Backbone Security, the industry leader in digital steganalysis software, has entered into an agreement with Perlustro L.P. to include hash values of files associated with digital steganography applications in the new ILookPI(TM) toolkit. ILook forensics tools have trusted and court validated 10 year history of use by law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies around the world, and it is the only analysis tool used by many large government agencies. For the past 6 years, ILook was distributed only by the United States Federal Government, but the new versions of the forensics tools, for the first time, will now be available to the commercial sector.

Hash values from Backbone’s Steganography Application Fingerprint Database (SAFDB) based on the SHA-1 hashing algorithm, will be included in ILookPI(TM) to allow digital forensic examiners to detect file artifacts associated with steganography applications on seized computers or other digital storage media. The functionality will be automated in ILookPI to where the investigator does not have to understand all the details of steganalysis in order to achieve inherent value from the tools. Detecting the presence of a steganography application during the forensic examination of seized media is a very strong indication these stealth type applications were used to hide information that may have evidentiary value in an investigation.

Use of anti-forensic tools to conceal or otherwise eliminate evidence of criminal activity is on the increase. Steganography applications are fundamentally anti-forensic tools that conceal information from examiners who use only the standard examination techniques available in most forensic tools. Essentially, the user hides personal or secret digital information in seemingly innocuous digital files on a computer system.

SAFDB is maintained in Backbone’s Steganography Analysis and Research Center (SARC) and is widely recognized as the world’s largest commercially available database of steganography applications.

When released, ILookPI(TM) will be the most widely used law enforcement digital forensic tool with an integrated capability to detect the presence of steganography applications from any digital or seized media.

For more information about ILookPI(TM), please contact Perlustro at (405) 330-2235 or e-mail

About the SARC

The SARC is a Center of Excellence in advanced steganography research and development established within Backbone Security to create and maintain a national repository of steganography applications, fingerprints, and signatures. The SARC has created the world’s largest commercially available hash set exclusive to steganography applications and is the leading provider of world-class forensic tools and techniques for detecting the presence or use of steganography applications and extracting information hidden with those applications.

About Perlustro L.P.

Perlustro L.P. is a privately held computer engineering firm specializing in forensic software development. Perlustro develops the ILook IXimager, the world’s leading computer forensics imaging tool in addition to IlookPI, an analysis toolset. This is now accompanied by a new complete line of EDRM E-Discovery tools which blend value with speed to set new standards in the harsh economics of E-Discovery solutions.