Steganography SearchPak(R) for Triage Tools Now Available

FAIRMONT, W.V. — Backbone Security, the industry leader in advanced digital steganalysis tools, is pleased to announce their partnership with ADF Solutions to provide a steganography SearchPak(R) for use with ADF’s revolutionary digital forensic triage tools. These tools are currently deployed at law enforcement agencies, government organizations, and commercial corporations worldwide.

ADF created the steganography SearchPak(R) from hash values extracted from the Steganography Application Fingerprint Database (SAFDB) created and maintained in Backbone’s Steganography Analysis and Research Center (SARC). SAFDB is the world’s largest commercially available hash set exclusive to steganography applications. Digital forensic examiners around the world are using hash values from SAFDB to detect the presence of steganography applications on seized media.

First responders and lab examiners can use the SearchPak(R) with Triage-ID(TM) and Triage-Lab(TM) to quickly detect the file artifacts of 675 steganography applications.

Detecting the presence of steganography applications is a strong indication the application may have been used to conceal digital evidence by hiding the evidence in other files that may still exist on the media. When steganography is detected, users have the option of contacting Backbone for further assistance with finding and extracting the hidden evidence using advanced steganalysis tools developed in the SARC.

Triage-ID(TM) is a field tool for first responders to perform automated on-site analysis of suspect computers, with a bootable CD-ROM & USB drive. Triage-Lab(TM) is a Windows based tool that performs automated analysis of drive images, network drives, stand alone suspect computers, DVD’s, CD’s, and other digital media.

Contact ADF Solutions at or the SARC at for information about obtaining the steganography SearchPak(R).

About ADF Solutions
ADF Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of digital forensic triage tools and methodologies to equip investigators and first responders for the new challenges they face everyday when encountering digital equipment during the course of their investigations.

About Backbone Security
Backbone provides world-class digital steganography research and development through their Steganography Analysis and Research Center (SARC). Backbone is also a PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) Approved Scanning Vendor that provides automated PCI DSS compliance assessment services with their industry leading One-Stop Scanning Solution as well as real-time intrusion monitoring, certification and accreditation, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery planning services.

About the SARC
The SARC is a Center of Excellence in advanced steganography research and development established within Backbone Security to create and maintain a national repository of steganography applications, fingerprints, and signatures. The SARC has created the world’s largest commercially available hash set exclusive to steganography applications and is the leading provider of world-class forensic tools and techniques for detecting the presence or use of steganography applications and extracting information hidden with those applications.

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