SANTA ANA, Calif. — Axiom Cycles, Inc. has tackled the wobble and rear-steer problems with Harley Davidson rubber mounted motorcycles adding products from Ride-Str8 and True-Track to the Harley Davidson parts catalog. Adding these stabilization kits to their selection of aftermarket Harley Davidson parts Axiom Cycles hopes to increase rider safety by improving suspension related issues.

Axiom Cycles continually investigates the market for new and innovative products offering what is not available in the catalogs of major retailers. Harley Davidson owners customize their bike for performance and riding enjoyment. The staff talks with the customer to ensure what they are purchasing works and is safe.

“After speaking with hundreds of customers in addition to my own riding experience,” Mark Nemets, Axiom’s president, explained. “I became increasingly concerned that riders were at risk of crashing as a result of the alleged flaw in the design of the Harley Davidson rubber mounted touring and cruising motorcycles.”

Axiom Cycles “Over the last 3 years,” Mark said, “I have heard dozens of times about riders crashing or coming close to crashing as a result of the flex in the swingarm on their bike. This swingarm flex or also referred to as rear-steer is the result of the mount points compressing and moving.”

Axiom Cycles researched the cause of swingarm movement that results in wobble and rear-steer. The problem is the result of swingarm mounts anchored using rubber bushings on each side. As the rubber bushings compress the rear of the bike tracks in a different direction to the front of the bike which creates a sudden mis-alignment between the front and back tires. This results in the front trying to compensate or counter-steer. The flex is most noticeable in a sweeping turn and amplified on rough un-even road surface.

The staff has identified possible solutions and experimented with products on the market that claim to solve the problem with Harley Davidson swingarm flex and wobble. Through testing on various bikes Axiom Cycles now offers multiple potential solutions increasing rider safety on Harley Davidson(R) Touring and Cruising models.

Harley Davidson Stabilization Products

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