SANTA ANA, Calif. — Axiom Cycles, Inc. sells aftermarket Harley Davidson and custom motorcycle parts and accessories. They recently announced new service offerings to include: additional performance tuning, engine rebuilding, and enhanced customer service and technical support.

Axiom Cycles prides itself on providing stellar customer service to bike enthusiasts seeking the finest aftermarket Harley Davidson and custom motorcycle parts and accessories from top-quality manufacturers. Service and attention to detail are the company’s main focus.

“It’s important to meet our customers’ needs,” Mark Nemets, Axiom’s president, explained. “If a customer can’t find a product when visiting our store or web site, all they need to do is ask; if it exists, our staff will find it.”

Axiom Cycles is not a big corporate entity, but a service-driven company that provides personal attention and problem-solving skills. They offer pre-sale and post-sale assistance to customers.

Axiom Cycles “Up until recently,” Nemets said, “we offered assistance to our Internet customers over the phone and via e-mail. We have now enhanced our customer service program so customers can submit questions via our web site as well as on location in our Santa Ana, CA store. This sets us apart from other Internet-based companies, offering similar products. We have full-time mechanics that help solve problems and provide technical support.”

Axiom Cycles also provides customers with performance tuning and engine rebuilding services. For the last 12 months, they have been focusing on enhancing the performance of Harley Davidson motorcycles and now offer an expanded assortment of performance-related parts and services.

Using products from companies like Daytona Twin Tec, Zipper’s, and Speed’s Performance Plus, Axiom Cycles has produced up to an additional 18 horsepower.

Axiom Cycles also carries parts for custom choppers as well as Bobber Motorcycles from every market manufacturer. The majority of companies Axiom works with are U.S.-based; imports are limited and only used when required.

The company offers a selection of the largest retailers, and prices below the competition; they provide personal attention that only a full-service shop can offer. Additional service-driven programs are in the works and include an engine head replacement program.

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