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TORONTO, Ontario, Jan. 14, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Spacedrive, Warpdrive, Free Energy and Other Ideas” (ISBN: 978-146-792-0926), authored by Tom Prendivoj, explores and challenges an array of scientific theories and situations. His concepts and principles pose problems and solutions, leaving the reader wanting more.

For example, he poses why nuclear fusion won’t work in a magnetic reactor like the tokamak. He then goes on to create “Prendivoj’s Law” which states: A magnetic field (regardless of field strength) cannot hold a plasma at or beyond its fusion temperature. It’s the law. He offers a solution that may surprise some.

“The end analysis is that sustainable nuclear fusion cannot be established with current engineering methods,” Prendivoj says. “My new law may shed some light on the fusion problem.”

Among many other ideas and concepts, he touches on the mysterious and popular roadside tourist attraction – the Oregon Vortex and attempts to explain the theory. He also dives into the “Faster than Light” theories of quantum mechanics.

Composed of the author’s scientific notes, the book addresses how it may be possible to achieve such things as spacedrive, warpdrive and free energy with some well-derived explanations.

“Spacedrive, Warpdrive, Free Energy and Other Ideas” is currently available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon at: .

About the Author:

Tom Prendivoj is a Toronto-based “self taught amateur scientist.” This is his first book. Fascinated by scientific principles, he enjoys explaining complicated concepts in laymen’s terms. He says that this book is written to appeal to a wide audience – basically anyone who is curious and seeks knowledge.

“I was prompted to share my thoughts,” he says. “I hope it sparks some discussions.”

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