SAN FRANCISCO — Obsello, an authentic Spanish absinthe verte, is quickly becoming recognized as the highest quality absinthe available to U.S. consumers. Obsello officially launched last month in San Francisco and has been picked up by scores of upscale restaurants, bars and night clubs in S.F., Los Angeles, and, now, New York. Among some of the award-winning establishments to offer Obsello are White Star and Little Branch in New York, Hungry Cat in Los Angeles and Michael Minna’s establishment in San Francisco. Each location maintains a spotless reputation for superb culinary or mixology talents, service and ambiance. These venues are the hallmarks of a growing list of celebrity mixologists and chefs who are turning their clients toward Obsello for a taste of what absinthe should be.

ObselloWhite Star, Sasha Petraske’s new, anti-cocktail bar in Manhattan is pushing the envelope with its focus on whiskeys, whiskies and absinthe, while saying no to anything that resembles a cocktail. At White Star, customers say goodbye to juice, soft drinks and mixers and hello to water and ice. When it comes to absinthe, Petraske’s taste is also well-defined.

“Obsello is the only absinthe verte I drink myself,” says Sasha Petraske, Managing Partner of White Star and Milk and Honey, N.Y.

At a time when U.S. consumers are getting bombarded by questionable, sub-par “absinthe like” products, Obsello offers consumers a taste of quality, artisan authenticity.

Hand-crafted using the same techniques applied in the early 1900’s, Obsello is rare in its soft, rich flavor and affinity to original pre-ban absinthe. Obsello is distilled from eight botanicals, and eau de vie from Penedes Spain.

In taste tests, Obsello has received overwhelming positive feedback from bars, patrons, press and critics alike. In fact, after tasting the premium absinthe, several restaurant managers made the decision to discontinue selling other brands.

“This recipe is the product of 10 years of research and careful artistry,” said Obsello distiller, B. Alex. “I worked until I thought it was perfect.”

About Obsello

Obsello Absinthe is an award-winning, authentic absinthe that is twice distilled with eight natural herbs including grande wormwood, anise and fennel. Hand-crafted in small batches in Europe, Obsello is made in traditional alembic stills using an un-aged brandy base from Penedes ( wine stock. Obsello embraces original absinthe production, once banned in the early 1900’s, and excludes any artificial flavoring, coloring or essences. With honey and vanilla undertones, a surprising lack of bitterness, and a hypnotic velour mouth feel, the taste of Obsello stands clearly apart from competitor brands.

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