ATLANTA, Ga. — Structured Web Technologies, Inc. announces a new technology – dWebSpec – which provides modeling templates for specification and construction of dynamic web applications. dWebSpec provides a standard way to write blueprints and to capture the various aspects of dynamic web applications such as: user interface; page composition; data presentation and mapping; event handling and parameter passing; navigation paths and rules; and other areas. Due to the improvement in responsiveness, interactivity, security, and other areas, the web has become a preferred platform for application development. This has spawned a number of platforms and frameworks for facilitating and providing logical approaches for the development of such applications.

Examples include: Struts, Java Server Faces (JSF), ASP.NET, PHP, Java Server Pages (JSP 2.0), Spring MVC, and more.

dWebSpec introduces a standard means of representing the specifications of applications that could be implemented on these various platforms. It provides the benefits of a model-driven approach, and the inclusion of the specification and design phases before implementation. In turn, this provides a solid foundation for successful application implementations.

The skills and roles involved in the specification and implementation of dynamic Web pages are varied. Roles include: the project manager; business analyst; user interface designer or engineer; dynamic Web – client side or view developer; enterprise or domain programmer; and dynamic Web – server side developer.

dWebSpec specification is presented in a familiar form that is easily understood by these diverse groups. Its documentation can also serve as a means of communication for collaborative development and provide input for effective management on an array of projects.

Along with the powerful modeling provided by dWebSpec comes the simplification of implementation which is reduced to mere translations or transformations of the captured models into platform-specific code.

Structured Web Technologies will provide for translation tables or dictionaries, application notes, as well as the conversion tools that facilitate such transformations for most platforms.

About Structured Web Technologies, Inc.

Structured Web Technologies has a mission to provide solutions for effective and efficient development and implementation of dynamic Web applications. The company’s initial focus is the establishment of standard model-driven development approach for dynamic Web applications on platform independent basis.

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