SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Geek Club Books, Inc., an autism nonprofit, today launched #Activate4Autism movement, a public awareness campaign as a part of National Bullying Prevention Month. The autistic are often misunderstood, marginalized, undervalued and 3 times more likely to be victims of bullying. The campaign brings together voice, stage and film actors, children’s authors, comic artists and autistic advocates who activate their voices for autism, speaking out for acceptance and inclusion.

voice actor Dave Fennoy
Videos are viewable, educational comics are downloadable, and action steps for activating change are accessible via Geek Club Books website.

“I’m activating my voice for autism during National Bullying Prevention Month to remind people that each and every one of us is unique and special,” said Dave Fennoy, ‘THE VOICE’ of video games (80+ including “The Walking Dead,” “Warcraft,” “Starcraft 2”), animation (“Star Wars,” “Archer,” “Kim Possible”) and television promos (8+ including Hulu, Showtime, Fox). “And no one deserves to be bullied.”

“We need to shape a better place for ourselves in this world,” said Robert Watkins, autistic advocate and founder of “We need to stand up for who we are and how we are. Stand up and join us in activating our voices for autism.”

Companies and organizations committed to diversity and inclusion joined the movement to stand in solidarity with its mission: Universal FanCon, Electronic Arts, Bluebee Pals,, Happy Hands Toys, Independence Day Clothing Company, The Innovation Press, and Chase ‘N Yur Face.

“We partnered with Geek Club Books because, like #Activate4Autism, Universal FanCon is part of the counter narrative to a world story of ignorance and hate,” said Chaucey Robinson, Universal FanCon co-founder and Director of Communications. “Through our differences, we are united and an example of positivity, diversity and hope.”

To join the activator heroes, speak out against bullying and activate change, go to

About Geek Club Books:

Using storytelling, Geek Club Books nonprofit’s mission is changing perceptions and putting an end to the stigma surrounding autism, replacing fear with wonder. The nonprofit produces interactive children’s comics, curriculum, assemblies, public awareness campaigns, online resources, and educational videos for acceptance in classrooms, on playgrounds and in communities. They mentor and empower autistic individuals to be the storytellers, inspiring empathy, inclusion and acceptance for those who are different.

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About Universal Fan Con:

Geek is universal. Universal FanCon is dedicated to being the first ever multi-fandom con dedicated to inclusion, highlighting woman, LGBTQ, disabled people, autistic community, and persons of color. The inaugural con will take place April 27-29 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Learn more:

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