CARLSBAD, Calif. /California Newswire/ — A grand opening event on August 10 hosted by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce celebrated a new addition to the Carlsbad arts community – Arrakis Arts; a unique art gallery and lifestyle space that features objects and events to promote self-awareness and enhance personal intuition while stimulating the mind and soul.

Arrakis Arts
“My new gallery celebrates life through art, jewelry and decor,” Lina Casale, artist and gallery owner, says. “In essence, Arrakis Arts is more than an art gallery. It’s a lifestyle store that features refinished antique furniture with a modern flair and one-of-a-kind home decor as well as handmade jewelry from gifted artisans around the world.”

The light-filled gallery beckons visitors to browse and to soak up the vibrant, yet serene environment. Casale plans to feature different artists and to host a variety of community events on a monthly basis.

Casale’s primary medium is acrylic, and she does a great deal of custom work too.

“I don’t only paint on canvas,” she says. “I’ve also painted on helmets, leather jackets, handbags and more.”

In addition to the use of vibrant and bold colors, Casale’s art also incorporates a great deal of symbolism through colors and physical beings. For example, birds embody the human and cosmic spirit; the color orange communicates fertility, splendor and love; and the eye stands for spiritual perception.

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About Lina Casale:

Casale was born and raised in Pereira, Colombia. Inspired by the colors, people and overall beauty of her physical world, she started drawing when she was four and continues to be passionate about painting stories – ones that are open to viewer interpretation.

She lived in New York City for a while where she pursued a career in finance, but continued to paint to relieve stress. The birth of her son, Isaac, sparked a life change. She wanted to focus on more fulfilling activities. An opportunity arose that allowed her to move with Isaac to Barcelona for a year. She rented a studio and took art classes. She then returned to New York for a bit before relocating to California where she is ready to continue her personal and professional journey.