SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Clareity Security Financial Services Group, a leading supplier of financial industry information security and identity authentication solutions announced today that their TEXT-pass+ line of customer authentication and transaction verification solutions will be expanded to include several key mobile banking functions. TEXT-pass+ already provides strong, two-factor authentication for securing online banking sessions by delivering one-time passwords and transaction verification messages to account holders’ cell phones. Now TEXT-pass+ also delivers account alerts and responds to balance inquiries from account holders’ cell phones.

“We are committed to delivering mobile banking functionality using ubiquitous and easy-to-use SMS message technology,” said Terry Davis, Chief Security Officer for Clareity Security Financial Services Group, “and our TEXT-pass+ platform enables banks to easily integrate this functionality into their current systems.”

First deliveries of the TEXT-pass+ mobile banking suite are targeted to rollout in Q3 of this year in response to financial institutions’ desire to deliver simplified mobile banking to their account holders. Unlike other mobile banking products that require users to download applications, TEXT-pass+ uses standard SMS messaging, and virtually all cell phones are equipped to use it. Popularity of SMS among consumers is also growing, with the number of messages sent in North America nearly doubling every year. TEXT-pass+ can also use voice delivery as a backup for customers who prefer that to SMS.

About Clareity Security Financial Services Group
Since 1996, Clareity has been a trusted name for information security products, services, and education. Clareity Security specializes in corporate and consumer IS security, including access control and authentication solutions. The company is a platinum partner of Secure Computing (NASDAQ: SCUR), a provider of global security solutions.

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