HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A&R Select, the music industry’s benchmark in independent promotion and marketing, has recently extended a helping hand to many artists affected by the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina. A&R Select’s timely and heartfelt outreach is an important part of their vow to assist musical artists in underprivileged circumstances.

The band Fuego is a perfect example of a group who suffered tremendous setbacks musically, but thanks to A&R Select, were able to persevere. With the loss of instruments, recording equipment and many of invaluable recordings, the group kept plugging away. They recently performed in no less than five different states in 2006 and were the subject of a feature story in “Where Y’at”, one of New Orleans’ premiere music magazines. 2007 will see the much anticipate release of Fuego’s “Chocolate City Sessions Vol. 1” EP.

A&R Select also helped out fifteen-year-old Chris Evans who spent his entire life in New Orleans. Many unforeseen circumstances led him to a post-Katrina Louisiana where he ventured on an unanticipated journey. Once there, he discovered his untapped potential. “I began rapping in my classes (with) other students, where I realized I had talent.” Subsequently, Evans, using A&R Select as a sounding board, found himself in Mississippi, where his hip-hop continued. “I started to invest all my time and money in music and equipment. I am now months away from releasing my mix tape, which I recorded with my equipment….thanks A&R!”

Hurricane Katrina took Josephine Maria’s home, her job and even college progress, but thanks to A&R Select it didn’t stop her music. She is still a dedicated artist, weaving her unique audio flavors (“There isn’t yet a sound like Josephine Maria’s,” she asserts) from hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz influences. The loss she endured only served as fuel for her sassy, assertive music and her songwriting is going strong.

The above artists, all proud members of A&R Select’s talented and diverse roster of artists, continue to show their desires to press forward with musical endeavors despite the obstacles. A&R Select has been there every step of the way — offering moral support and substantial assistance to these and other deserving artists. The company will continue to dedicate its resources to helping these and other independent artists in need by providing assistance to those in challenging situations.

For additional information, please contact A&R Select by way of the web site:

A&R SELECT, 8286 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046

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