PALO ALTO, Calif. — AmeriChinaB2B, the importing and exporting Internet marketing platform to China has launched its newest service, a web portal exclusively for recruiting distributors. The recruiting portal is designed to provide U.S. businesses with assistance in locating distributors, middlemen or manufacturing sourcing sites in China’s vast industrial base.

Ben Lee, President of AmeriChinaB2B hopes that with his company’s assistance U.S. businesses will be able to overcome the barriers that exist in China which block many businesses efforts to locate the right representative or access local markets.

AmeriChinaB2B, after launching its Internet import and export marketing platform in January, has now introduced a new distributor recruiting service portal. The web service, in addition to its existing services, will help small and medium sized U.S. businesses to recruit distributors within China’s industrial trade channels. The Internet recruiting service is a unique recruiting web portal for U.S. companies to locate, recruit and hire distributors, sales representatives and local talents in China.

American businesses will be able to connect through the website with distributors, middlemen, agents and manufacturing sourcing sites to build sales channels in China. AmeriChinB2B, with its partners in China and combined knowledge of the Chinese culture, language and business markets, will be able to guide U.S. companies through the bureaucratic hurdles of regulations and policies that so often prevent entrance into Chinese markets.

Ben Lee believes that his company and its Internet web platform is the best way to begin to approach the Chinese export market. “AmeriChinaB2B recognizes that there are many difficulties facing U.S. companies when trying to enter into the Chinese business markets,” Lee said.

“With our recruiting portal focused on connecting with trade channels in China, we are able to locate and recruit the right distributor organizations and manufacturing firms,” Lee added.

The AmeriChinaB2B recruiting process begins with conducting a distributor candidate search in all major industrial regions of China. By posting recruitment messages on the Internet recruiting platform U.S. companies are able to find sales agents, sales channels.

The Internet recruiting portal main function is to help U.S. businesses find sales agents, sales channels, and distributors through numerous job market sites, professional sites, chamber of commerce, and professional organizations. The recruiting portal offers an online filtering system, which chooses candidate’s resume matching client’s requirement based upon their industrial experience, sales and marketing experience, education background, and their locations.

This matching process is followed up with credential investigation system to verify the candidate’s academic credibility, employment references, English certification and work ethic are checked through various domestic credit systems. After passing AmeriChinaB2B initial assessment, it’s experienced Chinese recruiting experts subsequently interview the candidates to verify their qualifications. After these steps are completed, AmeriChinaB2B then recommends the pre-qualified candidates to U.S. companies.

And every effort of the AmeriChinaB2B Internet recruitment portal’s focus is on helping U.S. companies have distributor or sales agents. Interestingly enough, many people and businesses in China have a great desire to work with U.S. companies. This connection helps both U.S. and Chinese companies do business better.

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