SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — American Financial Strategies (AFS) and its experienced executive team of professionals officially launched its unique and exclusive CEO / investor matching service today. AFS offers CEOs the opportunity to raise critically needed capital by providing strong awareness programs that communicate directly with the industry’s largest data base of premium wealth qualified investors. American Financial Strategies’ unprecedented access to high-net worth investors, combined with a wide range of programs that match companies with these investors, provides CEOs with the highest probability of success in raising a company’s stock awareness.

The lifeblood of AFS is an extensive business planning development service that provides each AFS client with a fully customized strategic business plan that puts its clients on track to the right investor or investment group. With its comprehensive expertise in strategic investor marketing, AFS provides effective websites, landing pages and micro sites that utilize the latest in search engine optimization techniques to place a company’s information directly in front of eager investors.

American Financial Strategies“At AFS, we create your investor market for you. We are the matchmaker for truly wealth-qualified, high net-worth investors seeking high ROI potential opportunities,” stated Joel Craft, Jr. Founder and CEO of American Financial Strategies. “With our full array of services, any CEO looking to raise capital can utilize AFS to get in front of the optimal investor match for their company.”

With unprecedented access to over 8 million qualified investors, American Financial Services, through its proprietary matching process, can bring together the best investors with the right company. Professional services provided by American Financial Strategies provides include direct communication with its exclusive investment community of 8.5 million investors, strategic stock performance planning, tailored creative marketing campaigns, public relations services and affluent shareholder development.

About American Financial Services
Located in Orange County, California, American Financial Strategies (AFS) has the largest wealth-qualified database in the world. AFS provides CEOs with the tools to attract high net-worth investors. Through access, insights and education AFS empowers investors and help to make their financial dreams a reality. AFS has access to 8.5 million investors, 3 million of which have been surveyed. AFS will help you stand out from the competition and will provide you with interviewed, pre-qualified investors.

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