FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — With all eyes on rising fuel prices, Allstar Luxury Coaches introduces its new GAS PASS promotion. The price of gas is breaking records and is expected to keep rising, which can make for some pain at the pumps on a summer road trip. In an effort to ease some of that pain, Allstar is rolling out this special offer: The new GAS PASS promotion gives RV renters a $300-$500 fuel rebate credit for new summer rentals booked now through June 15, 2008. Rob Tischler, President of Allstar Coaches had this to say: “With the high cost of fuel, and air fare prices blasting through the stratosphere, RV travel has never made more sense. With no airline tickets to buy, no rental cars, no expensive hotel or room service bills you can actually SAVE MONEY on your family vacation by renting an RV, and enjoy the most out of your travel dollar.”

He added, “RV’ing also offers all the comfort and convenience of traveling privately and avoiding the hassles of crowded airports, lost luggage and security checkpoints. There’s never been a better time to gather up the family and spend some quality time on the road in a luxury RV rental from Allstar Coaches.”

With locations in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and opening soon in Las Vegas and Phoenix, Allstar Coaches services the entire USA and has the ability to deliver a luxury motor home to virtually any doorstep in America. The Allstar fleet consists of late model Class A motor homes ranging from 35′ to 45′. Fully equipped with the latest options and custom designed utilizing the finest materials available, these vehicles are truly state-of-the-art luxury suites on wheels.

The staff at Allstar makes it easy to get back on the road again, simply mention the Promo code “GAS PAS” at the time of booking to receive a fuel rebate credit.

For detailed information on the GAS PASS promotion, or for help planning an RV adventure, contact Allstar Coaches today at (866) 838-4465 or .

Valerie G, editor at CANW
Valerie G has been an editor with California Newswire for several years, is a gifted theremin player, can quote copious lines from 'Red Dwarf' and also knows where her towel is. Oddly, she does not drive, nor does she take the bus. She identifies as both human and democrat.