Kathleen Hanagan, psychotherapist, priestess, and author of the book “Loveseed: The Template For Birthing a New World,” announces the launch of a free master class series, “Conversations with Co-Creators of the New World,” from Nov. 1-30, 2018.

Kathleen Hanagan

Author and psychotherapist Kathleen Hanagan and guests facilitate the sharing of tools and frameworks needed for social and cultural connection to evolve a new, more loving world

ALEXANDRIA, Va. /California Newswire/ — Kathleen Hanagan, psychotherapist, priestess, and author of the book “Loveseed: The Template For Birthing a New World,” announces the launch of a free master class series, “Conversations with Co-Creators of the New World,” from Nov. 1-30, 2018.

Interested persons may learn more about “Conversations with Co-Creators of the New World” and sign up to receive the free video master class series by email at:

In the master class video series, Hanagan engages leaders and co-creators in the transformational New World movement. In so doing, she facilitates the sharing of the tools and frameworks for social and cultural connection needed to evolve a New World based on kindness and truth, personal responsibility, and the expression of love.

Presenters include, but are not limited to:
* “Wild Earth, Wild Soul,” with Bill Pfeiffer
* “God: A New Story,” with Terri Daniel
* “What is Heart-Connected Living, and Why is This an Important Next Step For Humanity,” with Howard Martin
* “The Sacred Feminine: A View From the Edge,” with Anyaa McAndrew
* “Tap for Your Life: Cultivate a Healthy Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Life Through Tapping,” with Catherine Ewing
* “What Is Authenticity?” with Dava Money
* “Create a New World By Claiming Your Voice,” with Lynne Klippel
* “Say Yes,” with Diane Dunn
* “Life After Trauma: Post-traumatic Growth with TSM Psychodrama,” and “Igniting Your Co-Creator Reality,” with Dr. Kate
* “Mirrors and Anchors: Discover the Power of Personal Vibration,” with Sabine Messner
* “How To Tune in and Listen to Your Inner Light,” with Kate Rose
* “Starseeds and the 5D Ascending Timeline,” with Steve Nobel
* “Listen to Your Wise and Wild Woman,” with Kaya Singer
* “Stepping Into Majesty: How to Embody the Queen Archetype,” with Brigit Boland
* “Awakening to Your Life Purpose, Discovering Your Life Plan,” with Rob Schwartz
* “Closing the Gap on the Law of Attraction,” with David Strickel
* “Dying to Who We Think We Are, So We Can BE Reborn to Who WE Really ARE!” with Cayelin Castell
* “Trusting Spirit in an Untrustworthy World,” with Beloved Heartsong
* “You’re Your Own Best Guru,” with Heather Straube
* “Partnering With the Unknown as a Co-Creative Resource,” with Michele James

Listeners receive an email each day in the month of November, featuring a video recording of approximately one-half hour in length. No limits are placed on the amount of time one may take to view the series, and the originals will be posted at

Additional presenters and master class titles will be announced by email and on the website by Nov. 15.

“By offering these conversations as an expression of love, the presenters and I intentionally plant seeds in our collective knowing,” says Hanagan. “As influencers in this co-creation, we consciously cultivate the emergence of a desired possible future.”

The “Conversations with Co-Creators of the New World” master class video series is developed around themes from Hanagan’s book, Loveseed: The Template for Birthing a New World,” which also launches Nov. 1. Learn more about the book or order your copy at:

The conversations are intended to initiate a cultural shift that remains possible – despite political chaos and collapsing systems of inequity and greed.

“Each of us decides if we want to be a part of that world by how we feel, think and act,” says Hanagan. “It makes a big difference where you put your attention. If you get caught up in the chaos, you reflect and contribute to it. If you decide to create something different, you change the world.”

The master classes are meant to support listeners as they decide daily what experience they choose to create in the world. Participants will:

* use tools of personal transformation from experts who have devoted their lives to helping people be the best version of themselves.
* understand the ascension process and what can be done to support oneself and others as humanity makes a giant leap.
* learn why lightworkers struggle to maintain a higher consciousness, and how to remain connected to Source longer over time.
* discover the latest research from neuroscience, psychology, and health, that empowers each person to upgrade his or her human operating system.
* be inspired to overcome habits of mind that hold back personal evolution
* shift consciousness away from fear and toward love in close relationships.
* cultivate self-compassion as the basis for the way one serves in the world.
* embrace multi-dimensionality and transform suffering into life-altering breakthrough
* practice spiritual hygiene and clear karmic patterns that can be released to the light.
* And more!

“We are all called to be courageously true to who we are and make a difference,” says Hanagan. “When we are devoted to our own work of transformation, to remove all obstacles to love, we bring light to the world,” she says.

Individuals who join the “Conversations” master class series and purchase the book, “Loveseed: The Template For Birthing A New World,” will be entered in a drawing receive a transformative, complimentary, full day private intensive with Hanagan.

Kathleen Hanagan – – author of “Loveseed: The Template for Birthing a New World,” is spiritual teacher, modern mystic, psychotherapist, whose work integrates the essential wisdom of the great spiritual traditions with scientific knowledge, more than three decades of professional experience, and her own quest for liberation.

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