Investor Generation Company provides new level of quality in a lead

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — American Information Strategies(R), creator of the American Surveyed Investor(TM) lead profile, has announced the release of a new type of lead, consisting of accredited investors that have a net worth range from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000. Each lead includes a demographic and psychographic profile and can be filtered through a set of preferences (i.e. age, income, liquidity, etc.).

With the help of the patent-pending Wealth Factor(TM), the Wealth Qualified Investor (WQI)(TM) profile shows the client where the lead ranks in terms of Net Worth, Accreditation, Liquidity, Age, etc. The Wealth Factor is shown in the form of a gauge with a scale of 1-10. The gauge is data-driven and determines which leads are of the highest caliber. All WQI(TM) leads are made up of only Investors in the 9-10 range, which are the extremely wealthy people such as Warren Buffet.

The WQI(TM) profile provides clients with investors that have a significant amount of capital and are proactively seeking investment advice. Each investor has had direct communication with their research firm, American Financial Strategies, and has requested information on investment opportunities.

AIS Wealth Factor “AIS’s mission is to become the leading provider of Client generation and lead data management solutions for the investment industry in the U.S. We are extremely excited about the release of this new product for the investment industry. Twelve years of research for our clients has finally paid off!” stated Joel Craft, CEO of American Information Strategies(R).

About American Information Strategies(R)
AIS(R) is a Client and Lead Generation services firm, specializing in providing the highest conversion rate of investor prospects to clients. The company maintains a vast database of investor leads that drive public and private companies with capital formation that allows companies to fund their companies ten times faster than traditional methods. Whether it is a small startup or a billion dollar company, AIS(R) has the investor database to fund any investment offering within an extremely fast period with total control of that capital in the clients’ hands.

AIS(R) generates the database via the internet, telemarketing, and direct mail. Its mission is to become the leading provider of a full range of lead generation and marketing solutions for the Investment industry.

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