LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Acushield Financial, Inc, a Nevada corporation delivering outsourcing customer service, billing, education and mediation to U.S. companies, acknowledges that it assisted the West Virginia Attorney General office in late 2007 in their inquiries of services provided to 9 consumers. As an addition to the press release from September 3rd, 2008 ( Acushield Financial would like to call attention to the language in the agreement with the West Virginia Attorney General office which included the following:

1. “Acushield performed the service of negotiating account settlements for West Virginia consumers pursuant to a contract with (….) Debt Settlement Companies

2. Acushield received the fees for its services directly from the Debt Settlement Companies and not from the consumers

3. The Attorney General acknowledges that Acushield did not initiate the debt settlement accounts that are the subjection of this Assurance, it voluntarily ceased servicing new accounts in West Virginia upon learning of the Attorney General’s position, and it fully cooperated with the Attorney General’s investigation.”

To these points Kristie Medlen, CEO of Acushield Financial added: “It is important to note that although Acushield is often willing to refund fees paid by clients, Acushield never has nor will contract directly with a consumer. It is up to the company that was contracted by the consumer to make the decision of whether a refund is warranted or not. However in the spirit of cooperation and on the basis that these 9 West Virginia consumers had contracted with a now defunct company Acushield agreed to cover the cost of these refunds.”

Acushield Financial serves a number of industries including the debt settlement industry. It has established a strong dedication to service as demonstrated by several customer service awards for customer service including an accreditation by BSI, an independent business services organization.

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