SAN DIEGO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — AccuSure today announced that is willing to help any Calif. business learn how to comply with one of the most important but overlooked mandates from OSHA (Occupational and Safety Health Administration). Most businesses are required by law to publish a summary of their OSHA 300 log from 02/01 – 04/30 annually.

Most businesses fail to do so and jeopardize receiving a $500-$1,000 fine if OSHA conducts an inspection (the fine grows exponentially for repeat offenders, so it's even worse with continued failure to comply). It's not just this time of year that they need a copy of the log. OHSA requires them to keep this record for 5 years. So, why do most businesses fail to comply? They either don't know or don't understand how to easily execute the task.

OSHA requires that employers post the summary of their OSHA 300 log from 02/01 until 04/30 of the previous year. And while OSHA provides a very detailed instruction pamphlet (, it is an exhaustive effort and one that requires attention to detail. This might possibly explain why many businesses never get around to doing it. However, that could be a costly mistake.

"OSHA 300 requirements are a significant safety requirement," says Jamie Reid, CEO of AccuSure, Inc. "Many businesses don't recognize the financial risk they place themselves at by choosing to forgo compliance. Fortunately, with a little bit of effort, businesses can not only remain in compliance with a legally mandated edict, but also ensure that they avoid fines that can cut into their bottom lines."

AccuSure has taken the OSHA provided excel spreadsheet and color-coded the areas that are needed to input. A couple of quick helpful hints and notes about the log itself:

A) OSHA Form 300 contains the details entered for each claim. This is NOT posted. The spreadsheet tallies this information on the next tab (OSHA Form 300 A).

B) OSHA Form 301 (the 3rd tab) is an accident investigation form. A business is not required to use OSHA's form, but may do so. It does not directly pertain to the required posting of the summary, but OSHA protected this document when they publish it.

C) AccuSure will provide a sample injured worker to demonstrate how the form works, named "John Doe." Clicking on the second tab, OSHA Form 300A, allows the business to view the sheet tallying the information from the first tab.

Here is a quick summary of what to do:

STEP 1 = Enter company information on rows 11 & 12.
STEP 2 = Enter the information for each injured worker beginning in row 25 (delete John Doe and replace with real worker(s)' name). Enter the information for columns A through F for each worker. A case number is not required so it is not highlighted that field. Internal control numbers or work comp claim numbers can also be entered there.
STEP 3 = Columns G-J – Indicate the ONE description that applies with an "x."
STEP 4 = Columns K-L – IF the employee had days away from work or restrictions, then enter the number that applies here.
STEP 5 = Columns M-R (1-6) – Indicate the type of injury or illness with an "x."
STEP 6 = Repeat for each employee.

STEP 1 = Enter your company information in columns P-AJ. The SIC/NAICS is optional. AccuSure users are able to easily look up their SIC when they create a Request For Insurance with a simple keyword search. ALSO – many employers do not track the specific hours worked. Do your best to be accurate with this number, but many employers estimate based on number of employees and average workshift hours.

STEP 2 = Print this summary page ONLY. Do NOT print the page that includes employee information (the first tab).
STEP 3 = Post this summary from 02/01 – 04/30 along with your other employee postings (typically near the time clock or where you place other state required employer postings).

As demonstrated, it is a bit time consuming but not difficult. However, for those who are looking for a bit more guidance, AccuSure will conduct a 10 minute webinar on February 4, 2015 at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) to go through each of the input fields and to answer any questions.

The dial-in details are as follows:
Web Access: .
Phone: (571) 317-3112.

About AccuSure:
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