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LONDON, UK, May 22, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — For many, Apple’s iPhone is the number one choice for security and safety of user data, says dr.fone toolkit. It’s been widely accepted for many years that Apple puts privacy high on the agenda when it comes to its operating systems and smart devices.

So the tech world was taken by surprise in 2016 when following the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the FBI commissioned a private company to “hack” the suspect’s iPhone – a figure that reportedly totalled $900,000! Whilst Apple’s security clearly stands up to the test, there are a number of ways user data can be vulnerable to hackers.

1) ICloud — Useful as it is in the event of loss or corrupted data, automatically backing your iPhone up to an iCloud account can leave you open to having your information exploited. Having your images, videos and other important data sitting in your iCloud account can be hacked considerably easier than your device itself.

2) ITunes — Many Apple users fail to realise how dangerous a hacked iTunes account can be. As with an iCloud account, iTunes copies information and data from your device and stores it on iTunes. Hackers are able to find this data and exploit it to identify your purchased music, videos and films along with more worrying data such as credit and debit card details.

3) Recently deleted items — Despite believing deleted data is gone for good, recently deleted data such as photos and videos does not get fully deleted. In fact it simply gets moved to another location where it can still be accessed.

So the burning question is simply, how can I enhance my privacy and secure my data? Thankfully, there are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure your data remains safe.

* Disable iCloud back-up, to disable iCloud backup users can go to ‘settings’ and tap ‘Apple ID.’ Scroll right to the bottom of the page and selecting ‘sign out’, then type in your password and then tap ‘turn off’ at the bottom of the page.

* The other option is to delete iTunes backup files to prevent them getting into the wrong hands. Within iTunes click ‘preferences’ and then ‘devices’ before selecting the back-up file you’d like to remove. Click ‘delete back-up’ and your data will no longer be stored.

However, although there are some easy and effective steps to take, software developer Wondershare have now launched dr.fone – iOS Full Data Eraser to guarantee a complete and irrecoverable wipe of all Apple iPhone data from a device. Now featured as part of the dr.fone toolkit, the iOS Full Data Eraser module is the ultimate solution for permanently wiping all data from iPhones — that the FBI cannot recover. This is a simple but effective way to boost your security. After connecting the iPhone via the USB device, users can fully erase the device in only a few simple steps.

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dr.fone is the world’s leading specialist in iOS/Android data erasing software specifically for Apple/Android Phones. With over 10 years of experience in providing people top-ranked software and services, dr.fone has been dedicated to serve over 50 million users. dr.fone have and will never forget the promises and keep helping customers enjoy wonderful digital lives.

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