By upgrading to deverus’ New Background Screening Software Solution, MX Advance, A&A Screening Solutions is Placed Ahead of the Competition

AUSTIN, Texas — deverus Inc., the leader in background screening technology, today announced the signing of the first client onto the MX Advance version of their newest and most innovative software for background screening, enterpriseMX. After being on the ZipTuit platform with deverus for the past 3 years, A&A Screening Solutions will now be operating on enterpriseMX Advance and will benefit in many ways from the numerous strategic features included in this system.

“The timing of the release of MX coincided perfectly with the signing of a new client who required specific tools and services which are already included in MX. The various services offered via MX will allow us to more readily meet those needs and reach our target markets,” said Rick Weatherby, A&A Screening Solutions CEO.

While A&A Screening Solutions was previously on a first-rate system with ZipTuit, MX Advance raised the bar and the company made the commitment to rise along with it. MX Advance will take this company to new heights of performance immediately. With the standardized framework of the integration toolkit, A&A Screening Solutions will work more quickly with prospects and existing clients to review and execute on system-to-system automated projects. I-9 services, assessment testing, and drug screening are some of the latest and greatest service lines available to A&A Screening Solution’s clients via MX Advance. One of the other advantages of A&A Screening Solutions employing MX Advance is the ability they gain in reflecting unique relationships with other organizations with the presentation tools that customize the branding skins of the client module.

MX Advance will provide A&A Screening Solutions with a variety of tools that make a report easier to read and make a decision, as well as enhance compliance and security of the overall process. Simple, clear report summaries will result in a higher use of screening, better compliance, and a safer, more productive work force for A&A Screening Solutions’ clients. MX Advance is an advantage for A&A Screening Solutions in the background screening industry because the system will help control and optimize the operations of their business by supplying new verification process tools and providing the use of over eight new data provider integrations. A&A Screening Solutions will continue to derive benefit from deverus’ client services team, the largest in the industry.

“We are excited to bring A&A Screening Solutions onto the next generation in background screening technology.” Shawn Rucks, CEO of deverus, Inc. “I’m certain they will be impressed with all advancements that make the enterpriseMX the new standard in the marketplace.”

About A&A Screening Solutions
Founded in 1996, A&A Screening Solutions provides fast, legally compliant, cost effective background screening services to help companies make quick, secure, well informed decisions. A&A’s mission is to speed up the hiring process to help clients compete for the best talent by providing high value intelligence delivered through automation and transparent technology, direct access to information, and unparalleled customer service.

About deverus
Founded in 1998, deverus is the leading provider of software, integration technology, and strategic services for the background check industry. From system-to-system integration, customized and off the shelf enterprise level applications, to sophisticated tools that manage the information supply chain, deverus enables background check companies to dramatically lower operating expenses and increase revenues by connecting to customers, employees, and information sources online, anytime, from anywhere.

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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