SWI’s Water Cam provides hard to catch water angles for iTV360 live webcast

LANDOVER, Md. — SecurWireless, Inc., provider of wireless video surveillance solutions for government, state and local, and commercial applications, partnered with live web casting company, iTV360, to provide live video coverage of the 2008 Mavericks Surf Contest, that began January 12th, in Half Moon Bay, California. Strapped to the back of a jet ski, SecurWireless’ waterproof Water Cam provided live video coverage from the water of the famed surfing event.

Video can still be viewed from the live-event site at MySpace’s live stream of the Maverick’s big-wave surfing contest drew 300,000 viewers during the event, making it the third-biggest streaming event in the Web site’s history.

Mavericks Surf Contest“We were very excited to have the opportunity to support and The Mavericks Surf Contest by providing our rugged wireless video system for the in-the-water view of this amazing event,” said Corby Lawrence, SecurWireless President and CEO. “Our technology’s ruggedability and reliability, proven in the Military market, easily crosses into the equally rugged world of surfing and live web casting. Our systems were designed to provide critical video data, where there are gaps in coverage, or where infrastructure simply does not exist, to those that need it. In this case, it’s the fans.”

“The 2008 live web cast was something special. The iTV360 live water angle is absolutely key to getting the full feeling from a wave like Mavericks.” said Jay Johnson, Director at iTV360. “The technology is incredible to bring the live water cam shot from the back of a the jet ski to over 300,000 in cyberspace, not to mention the massive crowd at AT&T park in San Francisco. The broadcast of this contest has come a long way in the 5 years we have been covering the action.”

The Mavericks Surf Contest(R) is world famous, and for good reason. Supremely harsh conditions and the giant, unpredictable waves both contribute to the Contest’s allure. So do the frigid waters, dangerous currents, jagged rocks and the ever-present threat of the Great White Shark. When Mother Nature and a little luck combine to produce the notoriously massive waves, 24 legendary surfers will get The Call. When they do, they will have a mere 24 hours to prepare themselves to face the extreme conditions, the thunderous waves, and each other.

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iTV360 is the premier live web cast production team for the action sports, music and entertainment industries. The company has over 8 years of experience with hundreds of live broadcasts of the biggest events in arenas of surf, skate, snow, music, paintball, motocross, special events and much more. iTV360 has a team of production professionals with the experience to produce dynamic content that will make a lasting impact on the audience.

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SecurWireless, Inc., headquartered in Landover, MD, is a high technology product and services company that provides affordable, rapidly deployable and easily maintained wireless infrastructure systems specifically for video and other surveillance applications. The company’s roots stem from meeting Military requirements for highly reliable, rapidly deployable, rugged mobile wireless intelligent surveillance to support the Global War on Terrorism. SecurWireless continues to meet these demands and has leveraged its experience to provide other government and public safety agencies with the same capabilities. Having to install thousands of yards of cable or fiber infrastructure for video is costly and time consuming.

Threats are here today and professionals need surveillance now, not after months or years of planning and spending millions of dollars. SecurWireless’ technologies meet this need and more importantly the systems are open and interoperable for expandability to meet the threats of tomorrow.

Photo by and © Kevin German.