LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck yesterday announced the results of the 2010 Gun Buyback program. In it’s second year, the day long effort collected 2,511 firearms citywide. The program retrieved weapons in exchange for gift certificates at five locations citywide, in an effort aimed at reducing levels of gun violence in our neighborhoods.

“I would like to thank all the Angelenos who joined us over the weekend to take us one step closer to securing a safer City for every family,” Mayor Villaraigosa said.

“By helping us get 2500 dangerous weapons off the streets, this year’s successful turn-out shows that the gifts-for-guns method has been tested and it works.”

An initiative of the Mayor’s Gang Reduction and Youth Development Office, the 2010 Gun Buyback rewarded the voluntary surrender of firearms, while engaging the community towards a common goal of reducing gun violence. The gun buyback initiative included a grassroots outreach campaign-that worked with gang prevention and intervention agencies, community and religious leaders and the LAPD. The comprehensive outreach effort served not only to implore participation in neighborhoods suffering from high levels of gun violence, but also to educate our communities about the risks and dangers of gun and gang violence.

In addition, 100,000 full color flyers and 5000 posters were distributed throughout the City. The interior of the City fleet of DASH buses also contained information on the Gun Buyback program.

At a news conference outside the Police Administration building, the LAPD displayed over 2500 firearms that were surrendered at the daylong gun buyback event.

“The guns displayed today will never be stolen or used in a robbery, assault, or murder; the scope of that success can never be fully measured,” Chief of Police Charles Beck said. “We owe a special thanks to Ralph’s and our media sponsor KCBS 2/ KCAL 9.”

The Gun Buyback Program exchanged gift cards for weapons, awarding a total of $197,400 to participants. In its second year, the Gun Buyback Program took over 800 more firearms off the street this year compared to the previous year’s effort. In its first year in 2009, the Gun Buyback Program collected almost 1700 firearms from across the City in one day. In turn, participants were rewarded 1,302 gift cards that cumulatively amounted to $130,200.

In exchange for the firearm the individual received a gift card to Ralphs or received a VISA pre-paid card. The cost per firearm depended on its type, up to $200 for assault weapons as specified in the State of California and up to $100 for handguns, rifles and shotguns. The LAPD Gun Unit was on site to determine the type of classification of the firearm surrendered.

Individuals may still surrender guns to any Los Angeles Police Department Community Police Station. When bringing a firearm to a police station, the individual should leave the unloaded gun(s) in a locked container or stored in a vehicle trunk. Assistance will be provided after discussing the intent to surrender a weapon with an officer at the police station desk. Until another Gun Buyback event is scheduled, no gift cards will be exchanged. Please visit the LAPD website at to find the nearest community police station.


  1. The mayor and LAPD police claim that they were successful, in taking 2500 firearms off the streets? Please clarify if these 2500 guns were posessed, then turned in by violent criminals. I suspect that all of them were owned and turned in by law abiding citizens, that never had them “on the streets” in the first place. I hope LAPD, and the people of L.A. realize that these former law abiding gun owners are now all the more victims-by-choice. This gun buy-back, and all like it, have not secured any firearms from violent criminals, only created more attractive victims to target. S.Orr, Illinois

  2. More likely none of them worked or, like last year, they were replica’s. Chicago’s gun buyback netted 4000+ weapons this year and contained “not a working gun in the lot” according to police officials. Criminals are laughing their heads off at you people. I know of one person that turned in enough non-functioning weapons in Chicago to be able to buy a working gun off the street. Awesome program.

  3. @ S Orr: You are 100% right on target… quoting the Chief: “The guns displayed today will never be stolen or used in a robbery, assault, or murder; the scope of that success can never be fully measured,”

    They will also never be used to defend oneself against the criminals that still have guns! Which is going to stop an intruder faster, a 911 call to police, or a 9mm handgun?

  4. No the guns were not turned in by law abiding citizens they had many illegal and guns with serial numbers erased. People , where are you going with the negative responses to such a positive program ?

  5. I’ve heard that this Weapons Program is anonymous, and that no names will be asked for, and no questions asked.

    MY questions: will photos of those turning in weapons be taken? Their license plates

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