Exhibitors offer the latest in green materials, technologies and manufacturing

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — California has always been a leader in the environmental movement, having pushed the development and sales of electric and hybrid cars, solar power and the use of recycled materials. Californians now want to take that green consciousness home. CA Boom 4 offers one venue where over 100+ exhibitors, many of whom will feature ecologically friendly products, will showcase their wares.

The show’s philosophy of the holistic design lifestyle includes products and materials for the home, office, landscape and beyond: from sophisticated children’s furniture that won’t clash with the rest of the house to pieces made of eco-friendly materials to innovative surfaces and finishes.

eco friendly homes CA Boom 4: The West Coast Independent Design Show runs March 30 to April 1, 2007, at the Santa Monica Airport’s 50’s-era Barker Hangar. More than 100 exhibitors will be grouped by discipline. They include: Prefab, Fine Furnishings, Building Accessories, Surfaces & Finishes, Modern Parenting, Giftware & Accessories, Indoor/Outdoor Living and First-Timers. While the show exemplifies the “West Coast” mindset, not all of the designers are from the West Coast (in fact, many national and international manufacturers have joined CA Boom’s original lineup of boutique exhibitors).

A small selection of these exhibitors and architects include:

– OMD: One of 10 modern prefab manufacturers who specialize in green home building

– W3 Architects: One of several architect firms who have designed environmentally friendly homes.

– epOxyGreen: Highest quality in sustainable building and design products including flooring, wall covering, paint, rugs, tile and more.

– epOxybox: Exquisite home decor and furnishings produced by talented artists and craftspeople.

– Knoend: A new eco-design company dedicated to bringing sustainable solutions into design practices.

– Viesso: One of many fine furniture companies making furniture using green and sustainable materials.

– Valcucine: First kitchen design company to exceed EU energy conservation standards.

– Ready Solar: One of three solar power exhibitors making solar energy more accessible to average consumers.

To create the CA Boom Design Show, founder Charles Trotter drew on his 20-year career as an event producer, scenic and lighting designer and entrepreneur and his passion for promoting good design. While working for international clients including Mercedes-Benz and DaimlerChrysler, Trotter was impressed by the way that European companies approached tradeshows. The Europeans understood the value of communicating directly with the end-user by including them in tradeshows. In 2002, Trotter came up with the idea that would become CA Boom.

The result was an independent, forward-thinking design show that harnessed the sophisticated event marketing expertise that was previously out of reach to all but the largest corporations and associations and made it available to a community that was under served, namely, young architects, furniture designers and product designers.

About CA Boom
CA Boom: The West Coast Independent Design Show is North America’s only multi-discipline design trade fair and exhibition featuring the best of contemporary architecture and independent design. CA Boom 4 happens Friday, March 30 through Sunday, April 1, 2007, at the Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. Admission is $20; Design + Architecture tour ticket (includes same-day or return visit to the exhibit) is $75 or $200 for a three-day tour pass.

For more information and to purchase advance tickets, please visit

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