LOS ANGELES, Calif. — opened on April 20th to incredible success. There have been thousands of people flocking to the site and a true community is being created on-line. Two community members of have decided to get married and they have asked Craig X Rubin, the new Pope of Pot, to officiate over their Wedding. The other exciting news is that Rubin, the Temple’s Reverend, is going to Washington D.C. to be trained as a preacher by Arch Bishop George Augustus Stallings.

The Temple members to be married are Jeffery David Moorman, 23, of Westego, a suburb of New Orleans and his lovely fianc� Sarah Joan Nicholson, 22. “I am a Christian,” said Moorman, “and this Temple speaks to my fianc� and me. We are proud to be a part of the Temple and are supporters of the mission.”

The date of the wedding remains to be set, but the young couple is committed to being married before Labor Day. Reporters can contact Mr. Moorman and his young bride at their residence in Louisiana (504-324-8563). Their parents are unavailable for comment. is a unique religious institution that promotes a Biblically based Judeo-Christian philosophy. The Founder of the Temple is the great-grandson of Rabbi Schmuel Frileck, founder of the first Jewish temple in Toronto, Canada. Craig X Rubin considers himself a Messianic Jew, but doesn’t want to alienate Jews who don’t yet accept the teachings of Jesus.

“Jesus was a Jew, His message was Jewish, and all the writer of the Gospels were Jewish. This is a Jewish book about a Jewish guy,” CraigX says when speaking about Jesus. “I read the same Bible to my children that my father read to me, only I read both halves of the book to my children.”

When asked about the Biblical validity of his claims Rubin responds, “From the beginning of the Book until the end, God speaks about planting seeds and harvesting. The first Chapter of the Bible Genesis 1:11, Man is given every plant and herb bearing seeds for his use and in the very last chapter of the Bible Revelation 22 states that there will be a plant for the healing of all nations that will have 12 uses and be harvested 12 months a year. I know this is cannabis,” Rubin states with confidence.

Although Reverend Rubin called himself a pro-pot Republican in his first book, 9021GROW (ISBN: 0974711004 – 2000B.C.) he attended the liberal Congressional Black Caucus in the early 1990s working for Arch Bishop Stallings of the African American Catholic Congregation. Arch Bishop Stallings has agreed to help train and advise the Pope of Pot in his evangelical style. Rubin tries to explain his reasoning for opening the Temple in his second book, “Jesus Smokes Weed” to be released in the spring of ’07.

Rubin is the first to admit, “Of course people are skeptical, but I am sincere about spreading God’s Word to the 420 Nation and beyond. There is no need in preaching the Word to Christians, they already get it. Jesus came to heal and that is our mission. There is a sickness which pervades the earth and we have a plant for the healing of all nations. The Hemp plant makes food, fuel, fiber, medicine and is the center of our spiritual life.”

As a result of recent police actions in at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Rubin is offering all Boulder residents a discount on membership.

For more information on visit or call 310-841-6113.

About Craig X
Craig X Rubin graduated from UCLA with a history major in 1993. For eight years he was the owner of a successful hemp store on Melrose Avenue. He is married and lives in the San Fernando Valley with his seven children. He currently can be seen playing himself on Showtime’s hit series Weeds. He is also a technical consultant on the show. Rubin writes for both High Times and Cannabis Culture Magazines.

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