Dr. Don Harte

CORTE MADERA, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Dr. Don Harte, renowned Marin Calif. straight chiropractor, warns, "Fall has begun. With that, the annual media blitz to convince us all to line up, like sheep, for the flu shot."

"Last week's headline," he relates, "says 'Flu vaccine seen as a better match. Health experts hope to avoid repeat of last year's debacle.'" Dr. Harte asks, rhetorically, "You really listen to this stuff?"

"If so many didn't believe this pseudo-scientific fantasy, it would be funny." Harte goes on to say that Federal officials "… emphasized that, unlike last year, this year's vaccine appears to be a good match for the strains of flu they expect to hit the U.S."

"Really?" he asks. "The CDC must have fortune tellers in white coats. They are declaring a good match of something they just cooked up, for something that hasn't appeared yet. This is science?"

Dr. Harte said, "In Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, a 26 year old woman, a newlywed, a radiology technician, died from flu complications after she received the flu shot. She had no choice, as it was a condition of her employment." Harte points out, "From a medical procedure to allegedly prevent a non-fatal disease, a young woman has died. She is not the only victim. THE most common side effect is Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), a debilitating, paralyzing neurological condition. I have one such victim of flu vaccine-caused GBS in my practice. This formerly healthy, athletic man walks unsteadily with 'drop foot,' with a profound loss of memory."

Dr. Harte states, "More people have died from the flu after getting the flu vaccine, than from Ebola." He goes on, "Public health officials, on this topic, are public liars. They continue to bleat the figure of 36,000 deaths from influenza. This figure is bogus. It is for influenza AND pneumonia. Leave out the pneumonia deaths, and there are usually less than 300 deaths from influenza." He adds, "This is typical of government lies in the service of Big Pharma. Disgusting!"

"The problem with preventative medicine," Dr. Harte says, "is that it prevents health. Better health prevents disease and improves function." He goes on, "Chiropractic has proven itself during the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918, saving tens of thousands of lives, when medical care was powerless. Chiropractic liberates the nervous system, allowing the immune system to work better. Vaccinations subvert normal immune pathways, interfering with health. What's your choice, this flu season?"

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