HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — The world of Hollywood Television can be the meeting place of some very different people, on the surface that is. Take the case of Craig X Rubin and rap star Snoop Dogg. The latter has a worldwide “raputation” while the former is the Reverend and founder of Temple 420, a Bible-based, Judeo-Christian sect, which believes that pot is a religious herb, as discussed in Revelation 22. How are they similar? They are both stars on Showtime’s hit cable series “Weeds” and the only two characters to play themselves. Something else in common: trouble with the law.

Reverend Craig X RubinIn the case of Rubin, his plight began in early November when his “Weeds” rep and Temple 420 intersected, of course, in Hollywood at the Temple’s headquarters. The day Kevin Nealon joked on morning television about “Craig X” being the marijuana consultant that makes his show “Weeds” so real, undercover LAPD Officer Trayce Fields decided to join Temple 420.

In a scene that would have been appropriate for “Weeds,” the Reverend, his son and an unnamed employee were arrested and charged with possession of cannabis and sales on November 8, 2006. They will be arraigned in Los Angeles Superior Court on December 6.

Rubin and company assert that they are protected by law under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. In a Supreme Court ruling “Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita” the court ruled a Jewish man, Jeffery Bronfman, who had joined a sect of Christians who used a Schedule I hallucinogen for religious purposes should get his drugs back. The court had discovered that Bronfman had been importing and disseminating the illegal drug DMT to church members for years for religious purposes. Yet, they ruled to return 100% of his religious sacrament.

“This is a serious issue regarding religious freedom in America and whether or not it still exists,” Reverend Rubin said. “Every act of Temple 420 that the LAPD deemed criminal is protected by state and federal law and we’ll prevail in court.”

To raise awareness about this issue, Temple 420 put up a video of the arrest on,

It is listed under “General Pharmer” because Reverend Rubin is leading a civil war and knows cannabis is a healing plant.

To reach Reverend Craig X Rubin, his legal staff, or others connected with this story for an interview, please contact: Temple 420 at 1-323-874-0420.

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