HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Is art imitating life or what? Craig X who sells pot on Showtime’s hit show “Weeds” is opening a pro-pot Temple on Hollywood Blvd this week. In the first season he plays himself as the owner of the “Bodhi Sativa Care Givers Club.” In season two, this week’s episode (August 21-25), “Cooking with Jesus” he appears as the owner of cannabis club called the “Mohasky Cup.”

Showtime WEEDSCraig X, the marijuana technical consultant for the first two seasons of “Weeds,” was also featured on the recently released first season DVD of “Weeds” (July 2006 Lions Gate) where he provides commentary on an episode he guest starred on. That episode, “The Good Sh*t Lollipop,” was nominated for two Emmys (Best Editor and Best Director 2006). Further, Rubin is featured in a documentary that Lion’s Gate produced called “Smoke and Mirrors,” which is available on the first season’s DVD. (Photo Caption: Image from Showtime’s Weeds, Season Two.)

Reverend Craig X Rubin, the Temple’s founder, is a recognized and respected leader in the legal Marijuana industry with more than 20 years of experience; recently being featured in GQ magazine (Aug. 2006), High Times (Aug. 2006), and he will be the focus of an upcoming story in the September 2006 issue of Cannabis Culture.

Temple 420, located at 7095 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 is announcing their opening for business. The Judeo-Christian “Temple 420” ( a CA Not-for-Profit Corporation, will start religious services on Saturday August 26th and open the retail store shortly afterward.

Temple services will follow this schedule: Friday nights at sundown there will be a candle lighting ceremony. Sales of all sacraments will cease during the Sabbath from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday evening.

On Saturday the services will primarily discuss the Old Testament on Sundays mainly the New Testament.

Temple 420 kicked off its ministry by hosting a wedding on July 29th of this year when a young couple flew in from New Orleans and were married by Reverend Craig X. Wedding ceremonies are performed at the Temple for a basic fee of $420.

“The wedding was a great success. I would love to see people who are into cannabis come to Hollywood to get married rather than flying into Las Vegas,” said Craig X Rubin, founder of Temple 420. “If you love God and cannabis then this is the congregation for you.”

At the Temple there is a luxurious V-I-P room that Temple Members can rent out by the hour. Additionally, the temple plans to have a variety of events at their Hollywood Blvd. location. Thursday nights, starting on the 24th of August, Temple 420 will have a “Comedy Night” featuring local professional comedians.

The Temple on Hollywood Blvd. is located in a strip mall that is frequented by the rich and famous. So, Temple 420 has added an adjoining retail store that carries couture clothing, plus bong and upscale beauty products.

“I like to call it a bong and beauty shop,” says founder Craig X. “Temple 420 is a fashionable couture retail establishment with a ‘hippy chic’ mentality. I’d say Kitson with an edge.” The store sells both men’s and women’s high fashions, and we do mean HIGH fashion because much of the original clothing is made from hemp blended fabrics.

“Most people have joined on-line,” says Rubin of Temple memberships, “but that is only because people can join from all fifty states. Now that we have an actual location near the famous Chinese Theatre on Hollywood’s ‘Walk-of Fame,’ people can sign-up in person at the Temple.”

Rubin published his first book last year, “90210 Grow” (304 Pages, Hardback, 6 x 9, ISBN: 0974711004) and has recently written another to be published in the spring of ’07 entitled, “Jesus Smokes Weed.” It is being released by Quick Trading Publishing in Oakland, CA.

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